8mm PESG shock cord 100m grey elastic cord

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shock cord elastic cord fine weave

SCHNURHAUS marine grade bungee cord with industrial level strength, stretch, and longevity.

  • highly elastic 8mm PESG shock cord elastic cord
  • diameter: 8mm
  • length: 100m
  • stretching approx 100%-120%
  • high quality superior elasticity and resistance to moisture, sunlight/UV, and abrasion.
  • latex core (construction - several highly elastic latex threads)
  • cover - fine Polyester weave

First extruded latex rubber holds a consistent 100% stretch and high modulus.

Shock Cord is also known as: bungee rope, bungee cord, stretch cord, stretch rope, bunge, bungie, bungee, bungy, elastic cord, elastic rope, shock cord, shock rope, elasticated rope and elasticated cord.

SCHNURHAUS shock cord elastic cord is the top choice for your rubber shock cord needs.


  • The polyester shell covering repels water and defies abrasion. Our proprietary design and construction provide long-lasting resistance to all-weather environments and UV rays.

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